Our new 'Totally Wireless Systems' are great for surveillance without the need of installation or wiring! We have 3 different models available. Outdoor Weatherproof Night Light, Outdoor CCTV camera or Doorbell.

All of these cameras are weatherproof and feature WIFI so that live footage or recordings can be checked from an unlimited distance using your smartphone (Android or IOS). Simply download the free app, configure to your home WIFI and install/screw these to the wall/ceiling and you are ready to go.

These systems have a powerful rechargeable battery with PIR Motion sensor, only body/animal movement will trigger the cameras to start recording or send notifications (unlike other motion sensors that trigger by difference in light or leaves/trees moving). The batteries can last for several weeks - depending on movement.

The Outdoor Night Light and Outdoor CCTV Camera both feature a Solar Panel so that the device will self charge during the day (depending on sunlight/light). The Night Light is smart enough to only illuminate on movement at night and not during the day.

All cameras also have night vision which can see clearly up to 10 metres at night. These do not require any monthly subscription or cloud services. Cloud services can be costly and unreliable, servers could shut down or be slow. Additionally if someone uses a blocker - no footage will be saved to the cloud. These cameras can take Micro SD card up to 128GB (required) which can record on movement sensor - these cannot be blocked and the camera will still record even if the WIFI goes down!



- No wiring/Installation Needed
- Easy to use/Setup to Smartphone (Android/IOS)
- Rechargeable Battery can last several weeks depending on movement/use
- Weatherproof
- Nightvision up to 10 metres
- Check live footage or recordings from an unlimited distance using your smartphone
- No cloud services to pay for - simply insert a Micro SD card up to 128GB for recording
- Night Light and CCTV camera both feature Solar Panel for self charging (depending on sunlight/light)
- Free APP

Please contact us to discuss your exact needs

Anti Social Behaviour Camera & Recording System

The ASB Camera & Recorder is ideal in helping to combat anti-social crime. Quick and easy to deploy - the system is usually hidden in a vehicle, rubbish bin, or any receptacle appropriate to the environment.

Taxi Camera & Recording System

The Taxi Camera is ideal in helping to combat threatening or violent behaviour. Quick and easy to install - the system has type approval from the Public Carriage Office. It will operate in daylight or under street lighting and is instantly triggered when the panic button is activated.

Radio Camera & Recording System

Whether you are trying to catch a thief at your place of work or want to know who has been visiting your home in your absence, the Radio Camera Recording System will provide irrefutable evidence of another person's presence at a specific time and date.
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