MBB3 - Higher Specification Live Magnetic Tracker

The new MBB3 Tracking Device has finally been released and is the new addition to our Tracking units. The MBB3 is one of our most advanced units with impressive features and most importantly impressive battery usage time. This is because the MBB3 has a smart sleep feature that will save its battery whilst the vehicle/asset is stationary. It also features a bigger and powerful magnet relative to it's size and weight.

The update on the new MBB3 Tracker also allows you to know its rough location even if it has lost GPS signal or is indoors by triangulating its position via cell phone masts - so you're always up to date on the trackers position. You can also track the MBB3 by SMS and it will show its accurate location (provided it has found GPS) together with the post code.

The battery could last up to over a month* and this is a live tracker. Simply log onto the website or download the App from any computer/smart phone/tablet/Ipad and you can watch your vehicle/asset on a map as it is moving. You can also check the history of the unit (where it's been, what route it has been taking and how long it stopped).

This unit does not require a chunky magnetic box or external battery as it is a self contained unit with a very high capacity rechargeable battery and one large powerful magnet. Its encasing is IP57 rated weatherproof and is robust.

The MBB3 is anonymous, no contracts, no monthly/yearly fee, no subscriptions and most importantly no hidden costs. It is a pay as you go unit. The website and App is free to use and is compatible with I-phone or Android. This unit is fully programmed by us and is extremely easy to use.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike many cheap trackers in the market, we do not believe in false economy. Many low cost trackers tie customers in a contract to pay for use of their website and a yearly activation fee. Some charge a yearly fee of £150.00 and £40.00 per month to use the tracker - by the end if your contract you have paid thousands of pounds without realising. Our trackers app and website is completely free - some of our customers are still using our older generation trackers after 10 years! Some low cost trackers say they have GPS but do not have a GPS aerial. GPS is accurate tracking. Some use LBS which is very inaccurate. Really tiny trackers do not work - as GPS is very power thirsty, the battery either lasts a few hours or it does not feature GPS despite being advertised as one.

Key features:
-Compact and covert - no large magnetic box or wiring required
-Watch live on website or app and check its history from an unlimited distance
-Website and app are free to use
-Self-contained unit no need for battery packs or boxes
-Magnetic - easy to mount on a vehicle/asset
-Quad-band: can be used in most countries that has GSM networks.
-Ready to use - we have already programmed the unit
-Can SMS its location
-No monthly, yearly subscriptions or contracts
-Long battery life (up to over a month)*
-Accurate up to 2 metres
-Can still locate its rough position even if it has lost GPS
-Rechargeable - new easy charging dock supplied
-Requires (or can be supplied) Pay As You Go Standard size SIM card

Please contact us for more information.

*depending on how much the vehicle/asset is moving. Our tests showed we got approx 2 weeks with fairly regular use.

Optional Accessory

Vehicle Wiring Loom

Some of our clients have permanently powered the MBB3 using the wiring accessory. Works on any 12-24v vehicle battery and no need to worry about recharging batteries. Simple wiring (red and black) no expert knowledge required. Please call us for more information.

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