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CCTV Domestic or Business Systems

We specialise in CCTV equipment and stock a whole range of cameras and recorders depending on your application and preference. Unlike many other companies, we do not just supply a boxed all in one camera kit. This is because majority of the time these camera kits are not suitable for your application and the cameras are not right or do not perform well under certain light levels.

We prefer speaking to you and finding out what areas you would like to cover and how many cameras you require - most of the time we end up saving our customers money as they may not require many cameras for their property/business.

What makes our CCTV equipment different?

-You have a choice of the type of camera you require, colour and size
-Our recorders and cameras are maintenance free, no monthly/yearly subscription
-Our equipment are built and supplied in the UK with high standards and specifications
-Our cameras out perform many cameras under low lighting
-You have a choice of overt or hidden cameras
-You have a choice of what memory hard-drive you require
-Our eye cameras are vandal proof and are made of metal
-Our system is Internet ready and requires virtually no internet set-up/technician, it is plug and play
-You can watch your property/playback recordings from your Iphone/Android phone
-Friendly and reasonable installer who has experience for over 30 years
-Reliable equipment, our installs have been in some customers' properties for over 5 years
-Good after care service - our equipment is from the UK and can be repaired/replaced quickly
-Simple user interface - easy to use

The illustrations above are examples of some of the equipment we supply - however we prefer our customers contact or visit us to discuss their CCTV requirement and we can provide a quotation

Anti Social Behaviour Video Systems
All Weather Video System Street Scene Video SystemUtility Video System

We have a range of choices for Anti Social Behaviour Camera Systems such as graffiti, vandalism and fly tipping - some examples can be seen in the images above, however if you contact us we can supply a system according to your specifications.

The first image is a very robust heavy-duty camera can be easily hidden in almost any terrain. It incorporates a powerful 'black light' capable of illuminating a very large area, however, this infra-red light is invisible to the naked eye so even in complete darkness, an intruder will be completely unaware that they are being observed as clearly as if they were operating in daylight.

Subject to the type of lens fitted, the camera will comfortably read a vehicle's registration plate at 40 to 50 metres.

The second image is used in an urban environment, this quick deployment recording system is generally operated from a motor vehicle in order to look at a street scene. The equipment is normally camouflaged in what appears to be a cheap lunchbox simply because such an item is not worth stealing. Even close examination fails to disclose that the 'business end' of the box is constructed from optically corrected plastic allowing the camera to operate very efficiently but still making it invisible to external scrutiny.

The camera is a high-resolution infra-red sensitive device capable of capturing excellent pictures in very poor conditions. It will comfortably read a vehicle's registration plate at 30 to 40 metres.

The third image is an example of an system generally employed in buildings used for community housing or public administration, an audio/video system is built into a suitably anonymous container. This is typically - but not necessarily - a light fitting to match those already in use. Customers often supply their own preferred container to maintain good camouflage.

The product is invariably constructed to meet a customer's specific requirements, however, a typical configuration would include a high-resolution camera combined with a high gain microphone. If size permits, the container may also contain a miniature DVR and power supply.

Catch perpetrators of indoor crime and anti-social behaviour.

Please contact us for more information.

Portable Movement Sensor Video System

Our 'Pebble' camera system is ideal to be left in a room/office/garage/store room or vehicle where power is limited. It’s PIR motion sensor could allow the system’s in-built rechargeable battery to last up to 24 Hours (depending on movement). The device is literary the size of a pebble (7cm x 4cm x 2.5cm).

It records video in colour 720p HD quality and also features infrared night vision. You can preset recording times (up to 30 seconds) per movement and all recordings are time and date stamped for evidential purpose.

This system is extremely easy to use. Simply switch to the ‘on’ position and the camera will automatically start recording when it senses movement.

The PIR sensor could pick up movement up to 10 metres (depending on ambient temperature and layout of the room). Please note that this type of motion sensor will not sense movement through glass. This system records onto Micro SD cards and can take up to 32GB.

Playback is simple - connect to a computer via the USB cable supplied and playback all the recorded files (MAC users would need to check for compatibilty although we have had some clients that have used this with MAC).

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