GSM/GPS Engine - MBB2 & MBB3 Magnetic Tracker
After concealing MBB inside or outside a vehicle or even about somebody's person - you'll be able to identify the device's exact location.

Military Style Tracker buymore-info
Personal Digital Recording System - PDR
This recorder has been re-engineered and enhanced to enable it to be used for surveillance purposes.
RFD4 Bug Detector
This excellent product provides three separate and essential means of detection.
Counter Surveillance buymore-info
Mini Digital Video Recording Systems
We have a range of very small cameras and recorders that can be concealed in rooms/vehicles and objects easily.

Smallest DVR and Camera System
Listening Bugs
Conceal these listening bugs inside a room/vehicle or even about somebody's person - you'll be able to 'listen-in' to know whats going on.

Bodyworn Button Camera System
This system is ideal for mystery shoppers and people that simply want to gather evidence in meetings or face-to-face conversations.
Bodyworn Button Camera System
Spy Watches, Glasses and Keyrings
We have a section full of spy equipment for those that have an interest in gadgets or require a gift.
Spy Gadgets buymore-info
WIFI Hidden Cameras
We have a range of hidden camera systems with WIFI such as clocks or tissue boxes. This allows you to remotely view your hidden camera from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. We can also custom build hidden WIFI cameras to suit your environment. Click below to see our range

Micro Motion Sensor Camera
This latest system is the smallest camera available (size of your thumb). With its special motion sensor, this camera's battery could last up to 7 days (depending on motion) and records HD sound and video

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock
Our most popular covert camera system. This small modern alarm clock has a full 720p HD camera and microphone hidden in the unit. It will record both sound and video on motion sensor. Battery (5 hours) or mains operated.
Hidden Camera Alarm Sensor
Alarm sensors/PIRs are a good way of catching out intruders. It looks like a normal PIR, however concealed inside is a 720p HD camera and microphone. This system will see in pitch black (night vision) and can record on motion sensor.
Covert Landline Recorder
This small box looks like a normal ADSL filter. However this is actually a covert landline recorder. It will record every incoming/outcoming telephone conversations with the time and date stamp without anyone realising. The system draws power from the landline cable to keep the unit charged.

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